Evangelicalism & the Poor

There is much to think about in this article and it asks some very hard questions about our church planting, growth and mission strategy. He says: “in oder to turn the world upside down we need to turn the church upside down” – sounds almost radical enough to work!!

Paper Theology

Philip North (the controversial Bishop of Burnley) has been stirring up things at the bastion of Charismatic Evangelicalism New Wine ‘United’. As the Church of England enthusiastically pursues a programme of Church Planting with the assistance of the Ric Thorpe (the church planting ‘Bishop of Islington’) and HTB’s Church Revitalisation Trust. Philip North is questioning why this approach is focused on growing churches with middle class graduates and suggests that the failure of such approaches to have an impact on decline in the Church of England is because renewal has historically come from a focus on the poor.

Here is the text of his talk

Hope for the Poor
A Talk to the New Wine ‘United’ Conference 2017

A few weeks ago I confirmed an 11 year old boy called Martyn along with both of his parents. I first met him at a holiday club in an…

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