Ecclesiastical Memes II – Darryl Tempero

Great blog from Darryl. Our language reveals how we really see church, even when we know it isn’t the building or even the Sunday gathering. We struggle to define the essence of church in ways that are not full of jargon and “insider” language. So even as we try to work out what church is we unknowingly construct barriers and boxes. This is a very interesting discussion and I am looking forward to Darryl’s next installment.


Darryl is the Mission Coach for Alpine Presbytery and Minister of Kiwi Church, a new-ish congregation in Christchurch

It’s time to change our language folks.

First off, let me ask you something – Where do you go to family?

When I ask people that, they name a place where their family live and they go visit them there.  I push back and suggest that’s where they go to a family gathering, but it’s not the only place their family gathers.  Eventually we settle on the fact that this question doesn’t make sense.  We don’t go to family, we are family.

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