It’s all about Mission …

Lisa 2013 smallerI’m Lisa Wells and I have just taken on the newly established role of PressGo Catalyst.

PressGo is a group set up by the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand to help resource promising missional ventures and my role is to support the Board by providing the technical skills to challenge, encourage and motivate / inspire churches to turn their vision into mission and action.

Since being established in 2008, PressGo has helped 14 projects and invested $1.6m. There are three key strands to our work:
• Inspiring Mission
• Building Capacity
• Seed Funding

I have particular skills and experience in fundraising and strategic planning so I look forward to working with churches and presbyteries in those areas. PressGo is only involved by invitation so “working with” is very important. I am not the expert coming in to “fix” things; I don’t have exclusive access to pots of gold; or a special step by step plan for growth! What I can bring is a passion for God-honouring mission – in whatever form it takes – and a willingness to help congregations explore the implications of their unique mission.

For many churches, the earthquake-resistance reports have been a wake-up call. Some are in denial -“we don’t have earthquakes here, so why worry” and others get very risk adverse – “we can’t take the chance”. This can be a real catalyst for thinking differently. I’d like to help churches move past the “what do we do about our buildings?” to “what is God up to in your neighbourhood?”

I’ve worked in fundraising for more than 25 years and the first conversation often goes like this: “we have a problem and we can solve it by raising money / constructing a building”. I think the problem is not money (there is always more than enough) it is imagination!


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